Place Cards

Our place cards perch on wine glasses, champagne flutes, or water goblets and are perfect as escort cards for your wedding, party, shower, or event. We specialize in custom printing our place cards with your guest names, table numbers, or one-of-a-kind text.

Some brides arrange the place cards on a welcome table out in front on the reception, while other have them set up on wine glasses at the table.  At large parties, guests appreciate knowing what to do and where to go.  Place cards provide that direction while adding the "wow" factor to your decor.

Our place cards require no adhesive and are made of thick card stock.  Each has a small slit that allows the card to rest itself on the rim of a wine glass or water goblet.  If you'd like to use our place cards with mason jars, just ask, and we can make the slits larger to fit.